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Welcome To the Western States Corvette Council


The WSCC Board of Directors welcomes your club to WSCC! Club members often ask why they should become members in the Western States Corvette Council (WSCC) or any national Council organization. To answer those questions we included this article: “What Is The Council?” We think it answers most questions and emphasizes the fact that our goal is to share the Corvette experience and enhance interaction between clubs. The "members" of the Council are your club members!

Basically, the Council is a membership of Corvette clubs that share common ideas and goals that receive certain mutual benefits from operating as a group. It has been referred to as an “umbrella organization” for a group of clubs. We are all volunteers, we are an integral part of the Corvette community, and we are a non-profit organization that is growing.

Western States Corvette Council was founded in 1965 to help individual clubs come together to share the Corvette experience. As a group, the "Council of Clubs" was and still does consist of "all volunteers.” Each club that joins the council designates a WSCC representativeRob Weaver to the council. Further, the WSCC representative shares with the Council their particular club’s views and suggestions and reports back to their clubs on business discussed and voted on at WSCC meetings. Since the beginning of the WSCC organization, the need for competitive events was a strong motivator. To conduct these types of events on a consistent basis requires rules, insurance and an awards system, which the Council provides its member clubs.

Being social animals, the original founders of the Council also wanted to have an annual convention, which a different club would take a turn at being the convention organizer using Council support in the form of our national sponsorship and our collective experience in organizing and marketing. Finally, the need for communication between clubs generated the Redline newsletter to advise members about upcoming events and important new developments. WSCC is a proud supporter of our National Corvette Museum in Kentucky.

Joining us is a simple as downloading the Membership Application and sending it in. Also please check our new WSCC Blog section.

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Our Mission
- Assist in organizing Corvette Clubs in the Western States. Obtain greater communications with General Motors Corporation.
- Further improve the Corvette image toward the General Public. Further the development and quality of the Corvette automobile.
- Further services available to Corvette owners. Obtain increased participation among member clubs.
- Develop equal representation of all clubs in the Council regardless of location or size.
- Improve avenues of communication between individual member clubs and between clubs and the Council.
- Support the National Corvette Museum (NCM).
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